In this week’s message, Pastor Stephen Redden discusses the importance of having close, intentional friendships and the weekly habit of having a one hour conversation with a close friend.

Discussion Questions for Common Practices Pt 6 | May 24, 2020

Key Passage: Genesis 2:18, John 15:12-15

Discussion Questions

  1. As you think back on your life, when did you form your closest friendships? What do you or did you appreciate about those friends?
  2. Describe the process of how you developed your close friends – what characteristics about them drew you together, and what circumstances helped you grow a friends?
  3. Has it become more difficult for you to maintain friendships or make new ones as you get older? If so, explain how so.
  4. Of the three necessary components of developing friendships (proximity, repeated interactions, and vulnerability), which have been most challenging for you personally for maintaining friendships or developing new ones?
  5. What’s your next step for practicing this habit? What person or people do you want to reach out to?

Moving Forward

  • Read this chapter of The Common Rule by Justin Whitmel Earley
  • Watch the video by Justin Whitmel Earley for this chapter here online.
  • Decide which friend(s) you want to reach out to this week and how you want to do it.