The Five Love Languages are a tool to help us discover how we best receive love as well as how we can better love all of the most important people in our lives. Join us in our six-week “love language experiment” to reset our relationships and kick off 2021 with intentionality!

Discussion Questions for The Five Love Languages Pt5 | January 31, 2021

  1. Check in on how the week is going. Does anyone have a celebration to share from the past week – a way they can brag on their spouse for something they did that made you feel loved?
  2. Did your spouse give you any words of affirmation this week that meant a lot to you?
  3. If anyone in the group has Physical Touch as their primary love language, ask them to share a little about what that is like for them. Ask a question such as, “What resonates with you when we talk about using touch as an expression of love?” Allow group members to ask them questions as well in order to gain a little more insight from their perspective.
  4. What stood out to you from the sermon? Did you hear any ideas that were new? Encouraging? Challenging?
  5. To what degree did your parents speak the love language of physical touch to you? To each other?
  6. Does the love language of touch come easily to you, or is it something you have to work at? 
  7. Do you feel comfortable with public displays of affection with your spouse? Does your spouse feel the same?
  8. What types of (non-sexual) physical touch do you best enjoy? What kinds of (non-sexual) touches make you feel uncomfortable?
  9. Do you know what types of physical touches your spouse prefers? Do you check in on this regularly to see if there is anything they would have you add or tweak?

Love Language Experiment Reminders:

  • If you haven’t already, set a goal on your Love Nudge app for this week. Remember, the challenge was to give your spouse a warm, affectionate touch every day this week. 
  • Keep tracking your love tank on the app and discussing it daily with your spouse.