The Five Love Languages are a tool to help us discover how we best receive love as well as how we can better love all of the most important people in our lives. Join us in our six-week “love language experiment” to reset our relationships and kick off 2021 with intentionality!

Discussion Questions for The Five Love Languages Pt1 | January 3, 2021

Discussion Questions

  1. Introduce yourselves. Tell us your names and how long have you been together – how long you spent dating, how long you were engaged, and how long you’ve been married (if applicable). Then, tell us a story about your relationship! You can choose…Tell us how you met, how you started dating, how you proposed, or something memorable from your wedding!
  1. In the book The Five Love Languages, Gary Chapman distinguishes between two phases of being in love – the initial, euphoric, “falling in love” phase (which he says only lasts about 2 years max) and the second, lasting, “real love” phase of staying in love. Have you ever had a “falling in love” experience? As you reflect, how much of it was illusion, and how much of it was reality? What were some of the illusions you had? 
    • When reality sets in, what are some of the ways the illusion of intimacy evaporates? 
    • What characteristics of “real love” separate it from a euphoric, “in love” experience?
  1. How often do you focus on your spouse’s “love tank”? How successful have you been at keeping it filled?
    • Are you alert to signs that your spouse might be crying out for love? Are you gauging the possibility that his or her emotional love tank could be running on empty?
    • What are some of the things that can cause one’s tank to dry up?
    • As you seek to grow in your marital relationship, what are some of the benefits of keeping your spouse’s emotional love tank at the proper level?


1. Download the “Love Nudge” app. 

2. Create an account, which will include taking the quiz (you may have already taken it, but you’ll need to just take it again to set up the app. It’s quick and painless.) 

3. Connect the app with your partner. 

4. Each Sunday after the sermon, set at least one goal for the week in the particular love language we discussed and practice that love language for the week. *For this week, set one goal in your spouse’s primary love language to do before next Sunday to kickstart this experiment.*

5. Use the app to rate how full your love tank is each night and talk about it with your partner, explaining why you rated it that way.