There’s probably no book in the Bible that is more difficult to read and understand than Leviticus. With its endless rules about blood sacrifices, skin diseases, and strange rituals, Leviticus seems so primitive, outdated, and irrelevant to our lives today. Barbaric is an apt description. It’s why most people start reading the Bible and then say, “You lost me at Leviticus.” 

Discussion Questions for You Lost Me at Leviticus Pt9 | October 25, 2020
Main Passages: Leviticus 18-20

Discussion Questions

  1. Which verse or part of these chapters was most interesting to you? Why?
  2. Read Leviticus 18:1-3. Think about the city and state where you live. What are some common “practices” that are accepted and seem harmless but about which God might say, “don’t follow those practices”?
  3. Why do you think sex is so central in chapters 18 and 20? What did the message explain about the purpose of these instructions? 
  4. Read 1 Corinthians 6:18-20. Why does Paul say that sexuality is so serious? What connections do you see with Leviticus? 
  5. Why do many Christians focus on Leviticus 18:22 and ignore other teaching in the Bible about sex? 
  6. Take some time to read Leviticus 19 out loud (the whole chapter). Which of the laws is most challenging or convicting to you personally?
  7. How does Leviticus 19 define or describe “neighbor”? (Hint: there is not an actual definition.)
  8. What would it look like for a church community to take holiness (as Leviticus 18-20 describes it) seriously? Be specific. 

Moving Forward

  • Decide to “love your neighbor” in a very specific and different way each day this week. 
  • If you have questions or guilt about sexual immorality, talk to a friend or pastor.
  • One of the greatest sexual temptations in our culture today is online pornography. Set up boundaries for yourself that include technology solutions and peer accountability.
  • Listen to the supplemental New Denver Church Message podcast to go deeper this week.