As we move closer to election day, the pressures and tensions our divided political reality continue to mount. From a news cycle dominated by stories of the divisiveness to navigating personal relationships with friends and family members who think (and vote) very differently from us, we’re all feeling the added stress. And what part should our faith play in helping us navigate this stressful season?

On Sunday, October 11 we hosted an online conversation to discuss the important way our faith impacts our politics and how we can navigate this challenging season. Below is a link to an audio recording of the session.

Resources mentioned during the session:

A number of resources were mentioned by NDC pastors during the call. Here are those resources with links:

  • For the Health – A website from the National Association of Evangelicals outlining helpful Christian principles for political engagement.
  • Hidden Tribes – A project designed to explore the various political tribes and affiliations within America. Explore helpful data that shows we might not be as divided as you might think, and take the online quiz to identify the tribe with you most identify.
  • The AND Campaign – A bi-partisan organization committed to educating and organizing Christians for civic and cultural engagement.
  • Pro-Life Evangelicals For Biden – An article from the Christian Post that Emily referenced as an example of Christian critique of positions from within a political party.
  • Confident Pluralism – A book by law professor John Inazu outlining a way to navigate a divided political landscape that allows us to stand with confidence in our convictions while making space for others. Click here to watch a short video from Q Media (link expires October 14).
  • The Social Dilemma – A Netflix documentary exploring the dangers of AI and social media technology to shape our thinking and behaviors in ways we may not even realize.