In today’s message, Pastor Stephen Redden discusses the importance of embracing fasting on the journey of following Jesus.

Discussion Questions for Common Practices Pt 8 | June 7, 2020

Key Passage: Joel 2:12-14, Matthew 6:16-18

Discussion Questions

  1. What are some sacred moments that you remember when life took your breath (and your appetite) away?
  2. When you feel overwhelmed or overcome by serious or grievous situations, is your default to fight (anger, venting on social media, jumping to action, etc) or flight (avoid the news or social media, numb with entertainment or food, etc)? 
  3. Share how you’ve been reacting to the grievous and serious moments of our current moment.
  4. What has been your experience with fasting – none? Good? Bad? Explain.
  5. What barriers or hesitancies do you have about making fasting a regular practice?
  6. What is something that has moved you over the past few weeks that you’ve already fasted for or that you’re considering fasting for?

Moving Forward

  • Buy the book The Common Rule by Justin Whitmel Earley if you have not already. Read the chapter on fasting.
  • Watch the video by Justin Whitmel Earley for this chapter at: (Or just search YouTube for “Justin Whitmel Earley fasting”)
  • Choose something that moves you this week – a sacred, grievous or serious moment to fast for. Then decide how long you want to fast. If you’re not sure, start with just missing lunch one day. Use the time you would’ve used for eating to pray. If you would’ve eaten out, maybe think about giving that money to someone on the street for a meal. If you’ve fasted before and feel more confident, maybe try 24 hours – sundown to sundown.