In the fifth week of our Common Practices series, Pastor Norton Herbst walks us through the daily practice of engaging Scripture before anything else.

Discussion Questions for Common Practices Pt5 | May 17, 2020

Key Passage: Mark 1:35-37; Luke 5:15-16

Discussion Questions

  1. Did you grow up with the idea of having a daily devotional or “quiet time” in the mornings?
  2. Did Jesus really need to spend time alone with God in the mornings? Why or why not?
  3. How did you respond to this question: Why is it difficult for you to engage Scripture each morning on a consistent basis?
    1. I’m not a morning person.
    2. I’m too busy or don’t have time in the mornings.
    3. I don’t know how to read the Bible or I need a plan.
    4. I get bored reading the Bible or I’ve read it all before.
    5. The Bible is too hard to understand or irrelevant to my life.
  4. Which suggestions in the message were most helpful? Which suggestions were most challenging?
  5. What’s a goal you want to set for engaging the Bible in the mornings over the next month? What resources do you need to tackle your goal?
  6. Discuss any plans or best practices that have helped you in the past to engage Scripture in the mornings. 

Moving Forward