On this palm Sunday, pastor Norton Herbst explores the question “why did Jesus have to die?”

Discussion Questions for The Season of Lent Pt6 | April 5, 2020

Key Passages: Acts 2:22-23; Luke 23:34

Discussion Questions

  1. What is the most difficult part of the crucifixion story for you?
  2. Read Matthew 26:39. What does Jesus’ prayer mean? How does it challenge you personally right now?
  3. The message mentioned the courtroom imagery “where somebody has to be punished for sin.” Does this imagery appeal to you or trouble you? Why?
  4. Forgiveness is a like a gift sent to you from God (through Amazon!) and left on your front porch. How is this analogy helpful and where does it break down?
  5. The message described four reasons Jesus had to die:
    1. Jesus died to offer forgiveness and reconciliation.
    2. Jesus died to identify with our pain, suffering, and death.
    3. Jesus died to show us true love and sacrifice toward enemies.
    4. Jesus died to defeat sin and death. 

Which of these surprised you the most? Which is most encouraging to you?

  1. Read Romans 6:6-14. Do you feel like you have experienced Jesus’ defeat of sin and death in your life? If so, how?
  2. How can Holy Week be meaningful to you this year? What will you do to engage it well?

Moving Forward

  • Set aside some time to observe Good Friday this week; evening is best when it gets dark. Download the NDC Good Friday liturgy to guide your time at www.newdenver.org/goodfriday