On the fifth Sunday of Lent, Pastor Norton Herbst discusses a story from the Gospel of Mark on faith and fear.

Discussion Questions for The Season of Lent Pt5 | March 29, 2020

Key Passages: Mark 4:35-41

Discussion Questions

  1. One of the most common phrases in the Bible is “Fear not” (or “Don’t be afraid!”) Why is fear such a common human experience?
  2. What are you afraid of most right now? What is feeding your fear?
  3. Read Mark 4:35-41. Have you ever said to God (using your own words): “it doesn’t seem like you care what’s happening to me right now!” What was the situation and why did you feel that? How did it turn out?
  4. Why are you afraid right now? Is it because you feel like you cannot control the situation? Or is there another way you would describe the underlying cause of your fear?
  5. How would tomorrow be different if you did not have any fear? Be specific.
  6. How can fear be lonely and isolating? 
  7. How does community combat fear? What can this group do to help each other during these scary times?
  8. What is one practice you can take up to help you trust in God even if/as the storm gets worse?

Moving Forward

  • Spend some time researching some of the occurrences of “fear not” in the Bible. What did you learn?
  • Read Psalm 23 every morning this week. How does God speak to you through these words?