On the fourth Sunday of Lent and our first Sunday of “online church,” pastor Norton Herbst walks us through a teaching of Jesus on worry and trust in God.

Discussion Questions for The Season of Lent Pt4 | March 22, 2020

Key Passages: Psalm 46; Matthew 6:25-34

Discussion Questions

  1. When you worry about something specific, how does your anxiety manifest itself?
  2. List the three things you are most worried about right now.
  3. Read Matthew 6:25-30. In what ways does Jesus’ teaching feel unrealistic? In what ways does it challenge you?
  4. Read Matthew 6:31-32. What do you need right now and how is it being provided?
  5. How would it feel to label yourself a “practical atheist” every time you worried unnecessarily?
  6. The message referenced the chart below. To which side do you typically lean? 
  7. For those that tend to lean to the left, how can you remind or help yourself in the coming days to be hopeful and expectant? (If you lean right, how can you be more prepared and ready?)
  8. Read Matthew 6:33-34. How are you “seeking first” in this unique time right now?

Moving Forward

  • Memorize Psalm 46:1-2 this week. Or pick a verse from Matthew 6:25-34.
  • Revisit your Lent desires (what you let go of and hoped for). Spend some time journaling or discussing with a friend.
  • This week, visit a park at least once (maybe several times). Look for birds, flowers, or grass that is beginning to grow. Spend some time reflecting on Jesus’ teaching from Matthew 6.
  • Call or video chat with five friends (not family members) this week. Your conversations do not need to be long. Ask each person a) how they are doing, b) what they are worried about, and c) how you can help them.
  • Listen to the Spotify playlist “NDC Songs for Lent” at: https://open.spotify.com/playlist/4fYbV3YtTdbf3627M0ZLoS