This month we’re looking back to see the core decisions and commitments that shaped New Denver from the beginning. And we’re looking forward to dream about where we’re headed. Join us for this series leading up to the celebration of our ten-year anniversary on October 6.

Discussion Questions for NDC Turns 10, Part 4 – New Denver | Click here for a printable handout of the questions

Key Passage: Jeremiah 29:1-7

Discussion Questions

  1. How long have you lived in the greater Denver area? What’s your favorite aspect of Denver?
  2. Without using the name of the church, describe a church you know of or attended that is in, against, and/or with the city. 
  3. Do you think New Denver Church is a church in, against, with, or for the city? Explain. 
  4. What’s one area of brokenness in Denver that personally grieves you? Explain what that area is and why it grieves you. 
  5. Do you resonate with the concept of shalom/holistic flourishing? Why or why not? 
  6. What are the biggest barriers to applying the message in your life?

Discuss as a group how you will serve at the Joshua Station together this Fall. 

Spend several minutes, as you conclude, to pray as a group for the holistic flourishing of Denver. 

Moving Forward

  • Set a reminder on your phone, daytimer, etc. right now that will remind you to pray for Denver at least three times this week. 
  • Talk to one person this week and discuss how you sense God might be calling you to join him in the transformation and holistic flourishing of our great city.