People collide. At work, at home, in every area of life. We all have conflict. But the most important thing is how we deal with it. Join us for this four week message series When People Collide.

Discussion Questions for When People Collide Pt 4  | May 19, 2019

Key Bible Passages: Matthew 18:15-35; Ephesians 4:25-32


The message suggested seven steps in the process of reconciling with someone else:

  • ONE: Deal with conflict quickly when it comes up.
  • TWO: Talk one-on-one, face-to-face.
  • THREE: Remember who the real enemy is.
  • FOUR: Watch your words.
  • FIVE: Give grace and forgiveness.
  • SIX: Involve others when necessary.
  • SEVEN: Move forward with wisdom.


Spend some time talking through each step.

  1. What is most difficult about this step?
  2. Can you share an example of failure or success with this step?

Conclude by discussing any conflicts you currently have, how you will initiate reconciliation, and which step will be most important.

Moving Forward

Pursue reconciliation this week using these steps and share with your group (via text or email) how it went.