People collide. At work, at home, in every area of life. We all have conflict. But the most important thing is how we deal with it. Join us for this four week message series When People Collide.

Discussion Questions for When People Collide Pt 1  | April 28, 2019 | Click here for printable version.

Key Bible Passage: Matthew 5:23-24


1. Was there a lot of conflict in your house growing up? How did your parents/caretakers deal with it? What did you learn about conflict as a child?

2. Would you consider yourself more of a conflict-avoider or conflict-relisher? How would others who work or live with you answer this question?

3. Read Matthew 5:23-24. What part of this challenge is most difficult for you?

4. How would it change your life if you took Jesus’ teaching seriously and lived it out?

5. Share an example from your life recently when you tried to deal with a conflict and it went poorly. Or share an example when you saw someone else deal with conflict well.

6. The message concluded with this question: where is there unresolved conflict in your life? Who came to mind?

Moving Forward

Each morning over the next week, pray for the person you mentioned in the last question.

Spend some time journaling about the person/situation. Why have you avoided him/her? How does the situation make you feel? What do you want to tell God about it?