Lent is a 40-day period of time that leads up to the celebration of Easter. We think it is one of the best opportunities to explore your spiritual journey and pursue wholeness and healing in life. This year we’re journeying together through the book of Luke, looking at interactions Jesus had with others throughout his life. This week we look at a series of interactions between Jesus and his followers to learn that sometimes Jesus saves us from difficulties, but sometimes he actually leads us toward them.

Title of Series: Lent 2019, Week 3 | March 24, 2019 | Click here for a printable version.

Key Passage: Luke 9:21-25; 43-46; 51-58

Discussion Questions

  1. What are some ways you remember having to learn to delay pleasure to do something painful or difficult when you were a kid (e.g. no TV until homework was done)? How do you think learning that impacted you later in life?
  2. What are some areas and ways where you still struggle to do things that are difficult or unpleasant – at work, around the house, school, fitness and nutrition, etc? Explain.
  3. In your relationship with God, can you look back and see difficult things you felt you needed to do and you did them? What was that experience like, and how did it impact you?
  4. As you look back, are there any situations you look back on with regret, wishing you’d said or done more?
  5. What about your life now? Are there any people or decisions or circumstances where you feel like Jesus is inviting you to come with him into uncertainty or discomfort or danger? Share how you feel God might be tugging on your heart or challenging you to step outside your comfort zone and join him in something difficult.
  6. How can we as a group help each other keep from becoming complacent? How can we celebrate steps of faith and challenge each other against “playing it safe?”

Moving Forward

  • Reflect on the different domains of your life – your work, family, friends, community – and identify where Jesus might be at work in difficult circumstances or with challenging people.
  • Pray and ask God to give you wisdom and courage about how you might be able to join him there in those difficult situations.