We all have tough questions. Especially when we watch the news, read the Bible, or try to believe in a good God. In this series, we’ll explore the hardest questions that challenge our journeys of faith. This week we explore the question, is Jesus the only way?

Discussion Questions for FAQ: The Series Pt 8 | February 24, 2019 | Click here for a printable version.

Key Bible Passages: Acts 4:12; John 9:1-41


  1. What is your story of meeting Jesus? If it has been a long process, can you recall one moment in that process when your understanding of him changed significantly?
  2. Read John 9:1-25. What strikes you as the most important part of this story?
  3. Jesus healed a physical ailment in this man’s life. What has Jesus healed in your life? (And is it easy to answer this question? Why or why not?)
  4. This man’s message about Jesus’ work in his life was clear: “I was blind but now I see!” What is your main message to others about Jesus’ work in your life?
  5. If Jesus is the only way to God, that still leaves questions about how God judges sincere people of other faiths or those who have never heard about Jesus. The message did not offer any answers; was that disappointing to you? Why do you think the message focused on the story of the blind beggar?
  6. If Jesus is the only way, how important is it for followers of Jesus to tell others about him? What is your role in this?

Moving Forward

Listen to the song “Better Now” by The Vespers this week (easily found online, Spotify, etc.) Let it guide your thoughts, prayers, and gratitude.

Consider if there is someone in your life that the Spirit is encouraging you to tell about Jesus. Look for ways to share with that person about what Jesus has done in your life.