We all have tough questions. Especially when we watch the news, read the Bible, or try to believe in a good God. In this series, we’ll explore the hardest questions that challenge our journeys of faith. This week we explore the question, what is faith?

Discussion Questions for FAQ: The Series Pt 6 | February 10, 2019 | Click here for a printable version.

Key Bible Passages: Hebrews 11:1; 1 Kings 19:11-12


  1. The message mentioned that many conversion experiences are “less like Paul’s dramatic Damascus Road experience and more like Peter’s plodding and clumsy discovery that the one whom he had been following was the One long promised by God.” How would you describe your own story of faith in Jesus? More like Paul, Peter, or someone else?
  2. In what ways is it easier to trust in God the longer you’ve been a Christian? And in what ways is it harder?
  3. The message mentioned the difference between believe that something is true and believing in something or someone. How would you describe the difference?
  4. How much of your “faith” is about believing that vs. believing in?
  5. What is one area of your life where it is difficult for you to trust in God right now? Why? (If your answer is that there are no areas of your life where it is difficult to trust God right now, what do you think that means?)
  6. How would you describe where you were on your journey of faith 5 years ago? Where do you want to be in your journey of faith five years from now? What looks different?
  7. How can this group tangibly help you in the one area of your life where you want to trust God more or in your larger hopes about your journey of faith?

Moving Forward

Read all of Hebrews 11. This chapter contains the stories of many famous people of faith. Spend some time this week reflecting on which character you identify with the most. Also, if your story was included in this chapter, what would it say? Or what would you want it to say?