It’s one of the greatest short stories in all of ancient literature. And it has more to do with your life than you think.

Discussion Questions for Ruth Pt 3 | December 9, 2018 | Click here for printable version

Key Bible Passages: Ruth 3:1-18


1. Read Ruth chapter 3 out loud together. What is most interesting or confusing about this part of the story?
2. At the end of Ruth chapter 1, Naomi is bitter and despondent. Now she is taking action and asking Ruth to do something bold. What do you think changed?
3. Ruth asks Boaz to be her guardian-redeemer (3:9). The message mentioned some of the laws of Israel related to redeeming land and people (see Leviticus 25:25-28, 47-53). Why would these laws have been important for Israel? What values do they uphold?
4. Can you think of a recent example where you or someone else you know took a big risk and demonstrated bold faith? Share it with the group.
6. Where you do feel challenged to be more bold in your faith right now?
7. Why are you not more bold? What fears, attitudes, or habits prevent you from taking risks and trusting in God more?

Moving Forward

Share with your group one tangible way you will be more bold in your faith this week.

As a group commit to communicating with one another (in person or via text or email) this within the next few days to check in with one another in your desire to be bold.