It’s one of the greatest short stories in all of ancient literature. And it has more to do with your life than you think.

Discussion Questions for Ruth Pt 2 | December 2, 2018 | Click here for printable version.

Key Bible Passages: Ruth 2:1-23


  1. How important has serving the poor been in your life? Describe past experiences, formal or informal, where you have given time, energy, or money to helping people in dire need.
  2. Using your phone, a computer, or Bible, search for verses in the Old Testament about widows, orphans, and foreigners (or strangers). Read and discuss them together. Why are these three groups of people so prominent and what is the Bible saying about them?
  3. The message mentioned that the top reasons people don’t serve the poor are busyness, not knowing how, and it is not a priority. What would you add to this list? Why is it hard for you?
  4. From the story of Ruth and Boaz in Ruth chapter 2, what are some lessons we can learn about practical ways to help those in need?
  5. Spend some time discussing one or two practices you want to embrace individually or as a group for showing compassion to those in need. Be specific. Make a plan. It doesn’t have to solve the problem of poverty or commit you to something you cannot do. Start small. But make a plan for doing something you are not currently doing.
  6. Finally, discuss the biggest barriers for your plan, how you will overcome these barriers, and how you will reflect in the future on what God teaches you through this exercise.

Moving Forward

Develop a plan of action as discussed in question 5.