To Easter, Part 3 - To Follow - New Denver Church
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To Easter, Part 3 – To Follow

Easter stands at the center of the Christian faith. Every year we celebrate the holiday and remember the last events of Jesus’ life, and in our culture even people who don’t follow Jesus join in the celebration by joining in egg hunts, buying Easter baskets, and new spring clothes! But do we really understand Easter? Beyond the Sunday-school answer, “Jesus died for our sins” do we really know what we’re celebrating?

This week we take the next step to Easter by looking at Israel’s anticipation of God’s New Covenant and the messiah. What happens when hundreds of years of expectations collide with the reality of a Jesus?

** NOTE: Due to an unfortunate technical glitch both our primary and secondary recording methods failed to capture the audio from this week’s message. A transcript of the message is available for download – just click here.


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