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You Lost Me At Leviticus, Part 1

There’s probably no book in the Bible that is more difficult to read and understand than Leviticus. With its endless rules about blood sacrifices, skin diseases, and strange rituals, Leviticus seems so primitive, outdated, and irrelevant to our lives today. Barbaric is an apt description. It’s why most people start reading the Bible and then say, “You lost me at Leviticus.”


Discussion Questions for You Lost Me at Leviticus Pt1 | August 30, 2020
Main Passages: Leviticus 1:1, Exodus 1:7-14, 2:23, 19:3-6

Discussion Questions

  1. Have you read the book of Leviticus before? When? What adjectives would you use to describe it and why?
  2. Leviticus is dominated by rules, regulations, and rituals. Which of these do you have bad experiences with or negative connotations toward? Explain why.
  3. Make a list of questions related to Leviticus that you most want to get answered in this study.
  4. Leviticus contains instruction given to the people of Israel just after escaping from Egypt. Take a few minutes to recite the key parts of the Exodus story. Pretend you are sharing this story with someone who has never heard it. 
  5. The second half of Exodus is about building the Tent of Meeting, and much of Leviticus concerns what happens there. It is a sacred space where God lives and the people of Israel meet with him. What if there was a particular, physical place in our world where God lived and you could meet with him? How does that idea strike you? What would be your disposition toward that place? 
  6. At the heart of Leviticus is the idea of order and disorder. What are the things that are most disordered in our world right now?
  7. What are the things that are most disordered in your life right now?

Moving Forward

What attitude or posture will you need to get the most out of this study of Leviticus? Create and write down a prayer in your own words that:

  • Commits to this attitude or posture
  • Asks God for his help and strength

Make a habit of praying this prayer regularly (every morning, three times a week, etc.).

  • Read the study guide at Commit to reading Leviticus each week and consider purchasing one of the resources listed.
  • Subscribe to the New Denver Church Message podcast and listen to thesupplemental, midweek podcast to go deeper.
  • Read Exodus 1-20 this coming week to immerse yourself in the historical context of the book of Leviticus.

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