Common Practices, Part 2 - New Denver Church
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Common Practices, Part 2

In the second week of our Common Practices series, pastor Stephen Redden introduces the first practice of the series — daily prayer. In this message, we learn about the power of structuring our days around prayer.

Discussion Questions for Common Practices Pt 2, Daily Prayer | April 26, 2020

Key Passage: Matthew 6:5-8

Discussion Questions

  1. How has your daily routine or habits been disrupted during quarantine?
  2. What new habits have you seen forming during this time?
  3. When you wake up each day, what shapes your first thoughts (your “prayers”) for the day? If you grab your phone to start the day, what app(s) do you tend to open first?
  4. What has been your experience with prayer – positive or negative?
  5. What excites or encourages you about the idea of building a habit to pray at different times to shape or form your day?
  6. What hesitations or barriers do you need to overcome to prioritize this habit?

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