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Getting Unstuck, Part 3

Today marks the third week of our series Getting Unstuck: Lessons from the Kings of Ancient Judah. This Sunday, pastor Norton Herbst walks us through the story of King Josiah and the transformation of Israel.

Discussion Questions for Getting Unstuck Pt3 | October 27, 2019 Click here for a printable version of the discussion questions. 

Key Passages: 2 Chronicles 34:1-33; 2 Kings 23:25

Discussion Questions

  1. Who is one person (besides parents) who had a significant impact on your journey of faith? How?
  2. Read 2 Chronicles 34:1-3a. Josiah followed David as a role model in his leadership. In what specific area of your life do you need a role model right now (an area where you would like to see growth)?
  3. Read 2 Chronicles 34:3b-7. Josiah also purged the land of idols and objects that pulled the of Judah away from God. The message suggested that sometimes we need to purge our lives of objects, people, or places if we want to see real change. How did this idea land with you?
  4.  What object, person, or place came to mind for you?
  5. What is keeping you from taking action and purging?
  6. Read 2 Chronicles 34:29-31. Josiah reestablished God’s instructions as the foundation for his kingdom. How would you describe your current relationship to the Bible? Would you consider it a foundation and standard for your life?
  7. A few suggestions were given in the message for engaging the Bible. Did one of them (or something not mentioned) resonate with you?
  8. This story provides several specific challenges to us; how can the group encourage one another to act on these challenges seriously and not ignore them? 

Moving Forward

  • Pursue a role model this week in whatever area you need one. Take a specific step toward contacting someone you can meet with to learn from.
  • Purge your life of something. Identify what it needs to be, do it, and then tell your group so they can celebrate this step with you.
  • Begin engaging Scripture in a new way. Reading, memorizing, listening, singing, discussing–it’s up to you. 

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