NDC Turns Ten, Part 1 - New Denver Church
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NDC Turns Ten, Part 1

This month we’re looking back to see the core decisions and commitments that shaped New Denver from the beginning. And we’re looking forward to dream about where we’re headed. Join us for this series leading up to the celebration of our ten-year anniversary on October 6.

NDC Turns Ten, Part 1 – Join the JourneyClick here to download a printable version of these questions.

Key Passage(s): Acts 15:1-2, 19-21 Romans 11:17-21, 14:5-10 

Discussion Questions

  1. Share about a time that you felt accepted and included in a group, like an “insider” (e.g. on a team, with a group of friends, a job, etc)? Now share a time when you felt like you were an “outsider.” Looking back, what impact did those experiences have on you?
  2. How have you felt included or excluded by churches in the past? 
  3. What is lost when churches focus too much on upholding traditions or appealing to “insiders”? What about when the focus is on making “outsiders” comfortable and engaged?
  4. How have you personally felt the tension between reaching “outsiders” and honoring tradition and serving “insiders” at NDC?
  5. How can your group embrace the approach of meeting people wherever they are on their spiritual journey?

Moving Forward

  • What might God be calling you to do to embrace this tension? If you’re new to faith and feel like an “outsider,” consider how you can take steps to learn and grow in your understanding of the bible or church traditions. If you’ve been a church attender for a while and feel like an “insider” how can you learn from the questions and challenges that face people still exploring faith and help them along that journey.
  • If there are ways you think NDC could better welcome “outsiders” or do more to honor traditions of “insiders,” consider reaching out to one of the pastors to let them know.

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