Church Planting Residency


The primary goal of New Denver Church’s (NDC) Church Planting Residency is to cultivate, develop, and launch church planters to create healthy discipling communities. This is a four-phase process that includes evaluation and preparation, the cultivation and growth of a core team, and the launching of a public presence.

The process culminates with the newly launched faith community partnering with other leaders and churches within the Church Cooperative of Denver (CCD) to give and receive support for ongoing ministry as well as incubating new leaders and communities.


Character: Candidate is active in a growing relationship with Jesus.

Competence: At least two years of theological education – MA or MDiv preferred. Minimum of three to five years practical ministry experience, preferably in a local church. Preference will be given to candidates who currently live in or are originally from Denver, and there is no relocation allowance for non-residents. Confidence communicating regularly to large and small groups  – teaching, preaching, casting vision – is a must. Experience doing fundraising and development is a plus, as is experience building and leading teams.

Commitment: We are looking for candidates who are already committed and moving toward planting in Denver but need support and resources. This is not a program to explore an interest in church planting or to learn about planting. If this is your interest then our Leadership Development Program would be a better fit for you.

Cultural Fit: The church planter should be a cultural fit to Denver and commit to start a church that embodies the core distinctives of the Church Cooperative of Denver.

Program Overview

Phase One (3-6 Months)

Primary goals

  • Acquire a hands-on understanding of NDC and CCD values by working directly with local pastors and staff. Serve within NDC, contributing however is needed and fits with giftings.
  • Cultivate a vision for a new community of faith, guided by NDC and CCD pastors and other city leaders to discern the intersection between personal calling and needs in the city.
  • Begin developing a core group to pray and help cultivate the vision for a new community.
  • Begin the development of identity and values unique to the leader(s) for this new community.
  • Phase one is a provisional period and NDC will make a determination at the end of this phase whether to continue with the residency and start “Year Zero” of the new church.

Phase Two (3-6 Months)

Primary Goals

  • Settle on a geographical area in which to focus, and become a student of that area. Learn about the area and begin cultivating relationships there. Ideally the resident would live there.
  • Continue developing a core group. Start developing rhythms of connection (e.g. gathering together for connection, prayer, sharing vision).
  • Establish the church as an organization guided by NDC and CCD (e.g. incorporation, bylaws, board of advisors, 501c3, online infrastructure, branding identity, etc.).
  • Continue developing identity and values.
  • Begin fundraising with church planting resident’s personal network and core group.
  • Begin planning for the location, timing, and frequency of public programming (e.g. worship service, kids’ ministry, groups).

Phase Three (3-6 Months)

Primary Goals

  • Recruit and develop volunteers and staff necessary to support initial offerings.
  • Establish community rhythms by executing planned programs and continue communicating identity and values.
  • Solidify an ongoing strategy for cultivating local financial stewardship and determine what external support is needed as the incubation period ends.

Phase Four (Ongoing)

Primary Goals

  • Serve as lead pastor for the new church, leading the elder board and staff team.
  • Oversee pastoral rites and rituals exercised by the church.
  • Continue as a participating member of the CCD community of churches providing support, encouragement, and resources as able and as needed.
  • Contribute to ongoing multiplication by hosting church planting residents when ready.


Salary is dependent on education and experience, and it is predicated on an expectation of 50% time (20 hours per week). The candidate is expected to raise funds or secure secondary employment to supplement income.

Next Steps

To apply for a residency with NDC, fill out the application at the link below.
*Note: Please allow at least 30 minutes for the application.

For any additional questions or to speak to someone about the Church Planting Residency, email us at [email protected].