Leadership Development Program


Welcome to the New Denver Church Leadership Development Program (LDP). LDP is designed for seminary students and those interested in vocational ministry. During your time in the LDP, you’ll gain invaluable ministry experience in a local church setting, hands-on leadership opportunities, mentoring in personal character and skill areas, and practical leadership training.

We don’t have all the answers. But we have a passion to invest in future ministry leaders and help you become all that God has made and called you to be.

LDP Role

Residents join our staff in a part-time role of 12 hours/week for the whole year (typically August through July). The position will be evaluated on a semester basis and may be renewed for up to three years as long as it remains mutually beneficial for the resident and church. When residents join our staff, we equip, empower, and unleash them to contribute to God’s kingdom work in our church and city. And we have a lot of fun together.

Residents at NDC will take part in a specific ministry area suited to their gifts and calling. Current ministry areas where a resident might focus include: student ministry, kids’ ministry, justice and mission, worship and service programming, discipleship, administration, and church planting. That said, we don’t typically have specific job positions that are waiting to be filled. Rather, we have identified a few important gift/skill sets that can be leveraged in many ways depending on the resident’s experience and passions.

If one of these descriptions characterizes you, we strongly urge you to apply: 

  • Entrepreneur: you see new opportunities and start new things
  • Gatherer: you are a natural extrovert; you love to network, gather, and inspire people
  • Event planner: you design, plan, and execute flawless programs and events
  • Creative: you think outside the box and leverage the arts to engage people
  • Details specialist: you love tasks, spreadsheets, details, and bringing order to chaos

During the hiring process, gifts and needs will be assessed and a specific list of job goals and expectations will developed.

The NDC residency program is not just a job or resume-builder. We think NDC should be the kind of place residents would love to attend even if they were not staff members. So, before applying, check out our website, listen to a few sermons, visit our church, and meet some of our people. Are we the kind of church you would love to partner with? We hope so. And we hope to hear from you.

Commitment & Qualifications

The time commitment is 12-16 hours/week. In return residents receive a 10% tuition discount, partial tuition covered up to $8,000 annually, and a taxable living stipend.

Qualifications to be considered include:

  • Spiritual maturity and above reproach character
  • Synergy with our theology, ethos, and culture
  • Strong self-awareness about personality traits, gifting, and skill competence
  • Employment experience (does not have to be ministry-related)
  • Assertiveness and initiative
  • Acceptance as a student at Denver Seminary