A New Denver


Denver is a great city. Thriving culture, amazing weather, and of course, magnificent scenery. But the people of Denver are great too and we believe that God is doing something new here. Some people are finding new life in a relationship with him. Some are experiencing new grace, restoration, and healing from their broken pasts. Others are simply gaining a new purpose and meaning in their careers and vocations—a purpose that joins with God in the renewal of our city and world. Still others are looking for a new expression of church: a community of faith where they can experience genuine relationships, space to pursue spirituality at their own pace, and a place that they can call home. Our vision at New Denver Church is to be that kind of place where we follow Jesus together, embody his grace and purposes, and extend his love to our city and world. We invite you to join this vision with us.

Our mission is simple: to lead people into a growing relationship with Jesus Christ. We don’t think that a church is simply a building or set of programs but rather a community of people. If you live in the Denver area, we hope you’ll consider joining us. Perhaps you’ve been a follower of Jesus for many years but have not found a church home yet. Or maybe you’re someone who is curious about a relationship with God but you’ve always been skeptical of organized religion. If so, we understand your hesitance. But we hope you’ll give us a try.

Our Story

New Denver Church started when Norton Herbst, Stephen Redden, and Jason Malec became friends while working together at North Point Community Church in Atlanta, Georgia. Norton went to graduate school in Denver, Stephen had family out west, and Jason always had a passion for the mountains. In 2008, the three of them dreamed of starting a church together and launched New Denver Church later that year.

Our beginnings were humble: these three families with a handful of others began meeting in small groups and gatherings on Sundays in early 2009. In early 2010, we began meeting regularly at 5pm on Sundays in the Bonnie Brae area of central Denver. There were lots of fun activities in those early days: serving local non-profit organizations together, small groups meeting in homes, a huge Easter Egg hunt in Wash Park (we didn’t know thousands of people would show up!), and an FAQ Sunday where people could ask any question about faith or God.

In 2010, we also developed a long-term relationship with a partner church in San Pablo, Guatemala. Since then, we have been sending teams of people down to Guatemala two to three times a year to work alongside the people there in bringing Jesus’ love and transformation to the impoverished area of the Mayan highlands. We eventually helped them start a local school and we currently sponsor about a hundred children to receive an education they would never have otherwise.

In 2013, NDC added a second worship service at 9am on Sunday mornings. We also entered a long-term lease with the Bonnie Brae Church to take over primary responsibility for the upkeep of the facilities. And groups of people (called Discipleship Groups) continued to meet in homes around the city during the week.

Today, we are more passionate about our vision and mission than we ever have been. We hope you’ll join us at one of our events or on a Sunday. We are certainly not a perfect church; indeed, we’re a collection of imperfect people. But we hope you’ll find a new family of people here where you can come as you are and seek God’s own purposes in your life.

Our Affiliations

New Denver Church is not affiliated with any denomination; we are a non-denominational church made of of people from many different church and non-religious backgrounds. Nevertheless, we have great relationships with many other churches in Denver and collaborate with them from time to time. We are also part of the Ecclesia Network: a relational network of churches that seeks to partner with, equip, and multiply missional churches. We also work with many Denver Seminary students as two of our pastors serve as adjunct professors there. And although there is no official connection with North Point Community Church, we have a personal connection based on experience and deep relationships there. With them, we share the same mission: to lead people into a growing relationship with Jesus Christ.