Leadership Development Program

Closeup portrait of happy business peopleWelcome to the New Denver Leadership Development Program (LDP). LDP is designed for seminary students and those interested in vocational ministry. During your time in the LDP, you’ll gain invaluable ministry experience in a local church setting, hands-on leadership opportunities, mentoring in personal character and skill areas, and practical leadership training. We don’t have all the answers. But we have a passion to invest in future ministry leaders and help you become all that God has made and called you to be.

LDP | Who is it for?

The LDP is designed for young leaders who desire to grow and be challenged in a ministry environment. It is ideal for Denver Seminary students who are engaged in the training and mentoring process. But LDP is also for those who are beginning to explore vocational ministry and possibly working for a church. Honestly, we are looking for and expecting the best of the best. We want to hire sharp, fun, caring, responsible individuals who have ambition, take initiative and are not afraid to try things that may fail.

LDP | The Commitment

The LDP has three main phases that could last between two and three years depending on individual experience and opportunities available at New Denver Church. At each stage in the process, we assess the progress and opportunities for continued growth for each LPD associate.

Phase One | Connecting  This initial phase typically begins between August and December of each year, and candidates are chosen based on availability in the program. This is the ideal time for seminary students in the first semester to get involved. The purpose of phase one is to connect with NDC, learn its culture, embrace its mission and values, and begin mentoring and serving. The associate will receive individual and/or group mentoring (compliant with Denver Seminary’s training and mentoring requirements), personality and gifting assessments, and opportunities to lead as a volunteer in an area of ministry at NDC. We’ll also give you a new Apple Macbook that you get to keep. The weekly commitment is usually between eight to ten hours. At the end of phase one (typically after 9-12 months) there will be an assessment to determine alignment and fit for a specific role of leadership at NDC. In this phase “we do, you watch.”

Phase Two | Developing  This phase begins when the LDP associate and NDC agree that his or her gifts match with a specific ministry role at NDC. Ideally, this happens at the beginning of the second school year for a seminary student. The associate joins the NDC staff in this role and works fifteen hours per week providing leadership and oversight as an associate staff member. The training and mentoring process continues and the associate receives $200/month stipend in addition to covered expenses relating to ministry. This phase typically lasts one year and is characterized by: “we do, you help.

Phase Three | Doing  This phase may mark a third year of involvement when the associate and NDC agree that there is an opportunity for greater leadership and responsibility. The associate continues working fifteen hours per week and receiving a monthly stipend in an expanded role of leadership. In this phase “you do, we help.”

At the end of phase three, we consider there to be a culminating fourth phase for every LDP associate: going. At this point, NDC commissions the associate to pursue their ministry calling wherever God is leading them. That may be continuing with NDC as a staff member (as opportunities exist) or in new initiatives in Denver or around the world.

In every phase of LDP, all associates are expected to participate in a New Denver missional community and D-Group and to volunteer in an area of ministry for weekend worship services. You will be allowed to take two weeks of vacation and four Sundays off per year.

LDP | Roles

LDP roles exist in all areas of strategic leadership within NDC. Here are the broad areas of opportunity:

  • Worship Service Programming – helping lead the worship or contributing to the experience through creative planning, audio/video production, etc.
  • Business Administration – Working behind the scenes to facilitate NDC’s mission by providing high quality facilities, finance, and logistics support to all areas of ministry.
  • Family Ministry – Contributing to our ministry to kids in Waumba Land (birth to pre-K), UpStreet (K-5th grade) or Transit (middle and high school students)
  • Community Life – Contributing to our adult community and discipleship efforts through missional communities, D-groups, ministry to men and women, and educational groups and classes.
  • Outreach – Contributing to NDC’s mission to reach the city of Denver with the love and truth of Christ through service and evangelism.
  • Mission – Contributing to NDC’s mission work in Guatemala.

LDP | Application

We are always taking applications and will fill slots according to availability. To fill out the application, go to: http://newdenver.org/ldpapplication/.

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