About Our Leadership

The leadership of NDC consists of three main groups: pastoral staff, associate staff, and core lay leaders (elders and stewardship team). Our pastoral staff is currently made up of three pastors who serve together in a team leadership model. This means that none of the pastors is the “senior pastor,” but that all three work together in a collaborative way to lead and shepherd the community of faith. In addition, all of our staff are bi-vocational. Each of them works part-time at New Denver Church and part-time in other nonchurch-related jobs in Denver. We believe this works better financially for the church and allows staff members to pursue vocational and missional opportunities outside the walls of the church.


Pastoral Staff

Associate Staff

Core Lay Leaders

Andy Blair, Elder

Mike Steele, Elder

Melissa Woods, Elder and Stewardship Team member

Beth Dwyer, Stewardship Team member

Jon Oldenburg, Stewardship Team member

Peter Pak, Stewardship Team member