So, you’re interested in learning Spanish? Or brushing up on your high school español? New Denver Church wants to help!! Consider applying for a Spanish Language Grant in Guatemala.

GT Spanish

The purpose of NDC Spanish Language Grants is to assist attendees of NDC who desire:

• To learn Spanish, and

• To contribute to the development of our ongoing global partnership in Guatemala

Basically, we want to help you travel to Guatemala to take Spanish classes for an extended amount of time (anywhere from two weeks to three months). Immersing yourself in a culture that speaks Spanish is the most effective way to learn. And Guatemala is one of the best (and cheapest!) places to learn. In fact, one of the villages where we work in Guatemala, San Pedro La Laguna, has some of the most respected Spanish language schools in all of Latin America. As you spend time there mastering the language, you not only learn about the culture and work that NDC is doing in Guatemala, you strengthen ties with our friends and partners in San Pedro and San Pablo. For more information on our global initiatives and why we’re involved in Guatemala, visit this page. For more about our regular Partnership Trips to Guatemala, go here.

How It Works

We will help you plan a trip of two weeks or more to San Pedro, Guatemala. Once there, you will stay with one of our friends or a local Mayan family who will provide meals, lodging, and all the Spanish practice you could ever want. Most days you’ll receive Spanish language instruction one-on-one with an expert teacher. You’ll also get to know our partners down there, attend the church that we work with, and assist them with some projects one or two days a week. We only ask that you be a member or regular attender of NDC and commit to our overall vision of helping our Guatemalan partners be a Christ-like presence in their community. In return, we will help pay for up to half of your overall expenses – about $750 per person, or $1500 per family.

NDC has sent teams, families, and individuals to this area for several years and is familiar with all the details to make it a rewarding and life-changing experience. For more information and to apply email