The Priority of Education

P1000625The schools in rural Guatemala are plagued with a number of problems. While education for elementary age children is technically free, the cost of uniforms, books, and other materials makes it difficult for families in poverty. Moreover, the school buildings lack resources (many don’t even have computers) and free education stops after elementary age. Very few families can afford school after that. Add problems of corruption, violence, and teacher strikes and one quickly sees how difficult it is for children to get a simple education in Guatemala.

For the past several years, New Denver has helped the Vida Real school in San Pablo la Laguna, one of the poorest communities around Lake Atitlan. This is one of the most tangible ways we can show the love of God to those in need and invest in the children of San Pablo.

School Information:

guateclassNew Denver currently sponsors 105 children at the Vida Real School. The school is connected to Vida Real Church in San Pablo La Laguna, a small community located on Lake Atitlan where New Denver has been sending teams for the past 5 years. Not all of the children from the school attend the church; many come from the community. In addition to basic education, the school teaches English and principles of faith. The Guatemalan school year traditionally runs from January – October so we normally re-up sponsorships and try to sign on new sponsors around the first of the year.

What Sponsorship Entails:

guatkidsYou can invest in the life of a child at the San Pablo school by sponsoring him or her for one school year. The cost is only $220/year. Your donation provides for the cost of education/teacher salaries, uniforms, school supplies, and daily lunch.

When you sponsor a child, there are so many benefits:

  • You’ll get your child’s name and picture
  • You’ll hear updates on the progress of the school, your child, and any special needs that arise
  • You’ll know that your simple financial gift is literally changing someone’s life
  • You can write letters to child and receive letters back once or twice a year
  • One of the most exciting things: you can go down to Guatemala on a partnership trip, tour the school, and actually meet your child and his or her family! This isn’t a faceless, nameless cause to support—you can truly build a friendship with the family God has connected you with.

Details of How to be a Sponsor:

If you are interested in sponsoring a child, don’t hesitate, send an email to