We have two options for attending services online at NDC:


Zoom is a video-conferencing platform that will allow you to interact with other attendees before and after the service. The live video of the service is exactly the same to both Zoom and YouTube. A volunteer host will be available on Zoom if you have questions about NDC.

If you want to connect with other online attendees, click below to join Zoom.

YouTube Live:

YouTube live is a convenient option if you are on a mobile device or aren’t able or interested in interacting with others. Click play in the window below to watch the service here or click here to watch from YouTube and click on the link to today’s service. Watching from our YouTube channel also gives you the opportunity to communicate via online chat.

Note: If you have issues with the YouTube stream, don’t give up! First, try reloading this page. We also know that with YouTube Live the audio and video can get out of sync. If this happens for you, and it’s annoying there’s two options: 1) Try reloading the page or 2) You can back the video up a little using the slider so you’re watching a little behind (like with a DVR).

If you missed this week’s service you can access all our past messages here.