Brian is the Worship Arts Director at New Denver Church. His experience in ministry has led him to several different churches in the Denver metro area, each of varying denominations, sizes, and styles. He has a passion for inspiring creatives within the local church to embrace a more holistic worship practice, beyond singing songs and listening to sermons. In addition to his role at NDC, he is the Worship Events Coach & Consultant with Torn Curtain Arts, a non-profit company that seeks to create content and events for the spiritually homeless. Brian is also a songwriter and has produced two albums with his band, quite originally called the Brian Davis Band. He is a husband to Jess, a father to Madeleine, Lily, and Seraphim, is in a mildly codependent relationship with his boxer, Colt, and fancies himself a non-pretentious foodie and amateur chef.

You can find out more about his band at and about his work with Torn Curtain at

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