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You Lost Me At Leviticus – Part 8

There’s probably no book in the Bible that is more difficult to read and understand than Leviticus. With its endless rules about blood sacrifices, skin diseases, and strange rituals, Leviticus seems so primitive, outdated, and irrelevant to our lives today. Barbaric is an apt description. It’s why most people start reading the Bible and then say, “You lost me at Leviticus.” 


Discussion Questions for You Lost Me at Leviticus Pt8 | October 18, 2020

Main Passages: Leviticus 17, 1 John 4:20-21

Discussion Questions

  1. How many times is the word “blood” or “bloodshed” repeated in Leviticus 17? (Go ahead and count them.) Why was/is blood so important?
  2. What do you think it means to be “cut off from the people” and why was this a consequence?
  3. What does the word “ethics” mean to you? How does it connect to the message? 
  4. Which of the ethical issues discussed in the message was challenging for you?
  5. How does starting with the affirmation “all life is sacred” change the discussion on some of these contentious issues? 
  6. Consider this statement: “everything does not exist for your mindless, unreflective consumption.” How does this apply to our culture? How does this apply to your life? 

Moving Forward

  • Reach out to someone who may feel forgotten or neglected this week. Let them know you care and that they are important.
  • Choose to not eat meat for a day or a whole week!
  • Pray this prayer each morning: “God help me to value all life and hold it as sacred today.”
  • Listen to the supplemental New Denver Church Message podcast to go deeper this week.

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