Toddler/Preschool Resource for April 26 - May 2 - New Denver Church
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Toddler/Preschool Resource for April 26 – May 2

Gather around the table or cozy up on the couch and read this week’s part of The Big God Story.

To end your time together, pray a blessing over your child. (You can use the one below or make up your own!)

The Big God Story:

Just before Jesus returned to heaven, he asked his friends to share God’s love with everyone. God wants the whole world to know him. Do you think Jesus’ friends listened to his words? Invite your child to respond. They did. Something very special happened when Jesus’ friends told others about God. The people decided to love God too! 

The people decided they wanted to follow Jesus just like his friends followed him—because they heard the good news about God’s love. I think that every time we hear about God’s love or people loving God we should give each other a big hug. Let’s practice. Give each other a big hug. Good job!

The good news of God’s love (hug) was going around the world. When the people in the city of Antioch heard all about God’s love (hug), they wanted to follow him too. 

The people of Antioch began to share God’s love (hug) with others. Soon, Jesus’ friends heard all about what was happening in Antioch. They were so happy that more and more people were choosing to love God (hug). Then a man named Barnabas visited Antioch. He loved God (hug)Barnabas was so happy and excited. Why do you think he was happy? Invite your child to respond. He was happy because he got to see all of the people who were filled with God’s love (hug). He saw how much they loved and cared for people. When Barnabas left Antioch, he told more and more people about Jesus. As more people heard about God’s love (hug), more and more people decided to follow Jesus. 

The church grew bigger and bigger. Barnabas needed help teaching all of the people God’s Word. What is God’s Word? Invite your child to respond. That’s right! God’s Word is the Bible—The Big God Story. Barnabas’ friend, Paul, came to Antioch and helped him teach people about God. One day the people heard that their neighbors were not going to have enough food to eat. What do you think they did? Invite your child to respond. They collected money and food. They sent the money and the food to their neighbors so that they wouldn’t be hungry. Did the people of Antioch show God’s love (hug) to others? Invite your child to respond. Yes, they did. They gave people food and money when they needed it. The people cared for others. They showed God’s love (hug). 

The people of Antioch had been learning all about God’s love (hug). They were filled with God’s love (hug), and they shared God’s love (hug) with others. Let’s think of some ways that we can help others and share God’s love too. Brainstorm with your child some ways you can practically show God’s love to others this week.


Look your child in the eyes, say their name, and then speak this blessing to them: May you know that God loves you, that he’s always with you, and may you become all that he’s created you to be. May you love God with your whole heart for your whole life.

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