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An Update on NDC’s Coronavirus Response

Please note that all our communication about NDC’s resources and response related to the Coronavirus can now be found here.

March 13, 2020

Hi NDCers,
Wow. What a week. You may have been wondering why we haven’t communicated about the Coronavirus yet. Honestly, the situation has been changing so rapidly that we wanted to wait until we could make the most informed decision about how to respond as a church. Our staff and elders have done a lot of research, prayed for direction, and we have talked extensively about the situation. We also participated on a phone call with Governor Polis earlier this afternoon. We have concluded that we must do three important things:

1. Promote awareness about why taking action right now is so important and motivated by love. There is some excellent research and analysis available that demonstrates how taking drastic measures now will most definitely save lives and be for the good of our larger community. I admit that at times over the last week I have wondered if we are overreacting as a country. I’ve been frustrated at the inconveniences that I will suffer (no March Madness!! and 3 week spring break for kids!?) And I’ve sometimes thought, “it’s not that different than the flu so why are we making such a big deal of this?” But I want to encourage you to read two articles. They are long-ish, but important if you have a few minutes:

In light of these compelling thoughts, we believe that we have a great opportunity to show Jesus’ love for others by taking important actions now.

2. For us at NDC, that means we will cancel our worship service this Sunday (3/15) and maybe in future weeks (TBD). We do this because we think it is a small sacrifice to not gather so that we might better protect the vulnerable in our communities and help those working in the health care system by not contributing to a more rapid spread of the virus.
I encourage you to still set aside some time this Sunday morning to seek God in worship, prayer, and/or discussion with friends or family. You can have your own church service! I have more thoughts on how we can be the body of Christ during this unprecedented time and will put those together in a podcast that you will be able to listen to like a regular sermon. It will be available by 9am on Sunday morning at We will also offer discussion questions in the post. We will continue to monitor the situation next week and keep you as informed about further cancellations.

3. Stay connected with others. The risk is much lower when gathering in small groups. If D-Group leaders take necessary precautions, we believe these can still meet in the coming weeks. We will communicate suggestions to our D-Group leaders for navigating this season well. If you are not in a D-Group, reach out to someone else at NDC and invite them over for a meal. Or go walking at the park together. (Just wash your hands a lot and do all the things you’re being told to do.) Maybe pick up the phone and call someone to simply check in on them and talk. And of course, technology provides all kinds of amazing ways to stay connected to others right now. This is a good time to use it.

There might be other ways we can help, serve, and love in the following days. If you are sick or have been put under quarantine, please let us know so we can help. If you’re struggling with child care, grocery shopping, or any other needs right now, share that with others or a pastor at NDC so that we can pitch in and help. It’s hard to believe, but crises like this are when followers of Jesus can shine the most. 

Thanks for you patience. Keep persevering. 

On behalf of the NDC leadership,

Norton Herbst
Pastor | New Denver Church
m: 303.847.1711

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