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Update From The Snyders

We have an important update to share from one of our pastors, Dan Snyder. Please take a couple of minutes to read it, below. Feel free to email if you have any questions.

Dear NDC Fam,

In the last almost-ten years of serving at NDC I’ve been accused of being pretty direct. So let me get straight to the point: March 31st will be my last day serving at New Denver Church. Shortly thereafter I will begin a new chapter of my pastoral call at Oak Hills Church in San Antonio, Texas. 

First, let me say I am not leaving NDC because I’m unhappy or anything is wrong. I love my job, I love our church, I love this city. But I feel called to a new opportunity in San Antonio, where Britt’s family lives and where we want to raise our kids. I will be the executive pastor at a soon to be renamed church on the northwest side of San Antonio. It’s a role that will certainly challenge me but one that seemingly fits “perfect” with the way God wired me. The church, currently named Oak Hills Alamo Ranch, is seven years old and going through a transition from a campus of Oak Hills Church to a fully independent church on 9/1/20. I’ll be helping navigate that transition and wouldn’t have been considered for the position had it not been for the last ten years of serving at NDC.

I’ve been searching for an appropriate word to summarize how this hits us. I hear a lot of people use bittersweet, and that’s certainly accurate, but it falls short of how we feel. I spent some time searching the thesaurus and the interwebs for the right word but still fall short (even Reddit failed me). I even searched a Greek and Hebrew dictionary…that coulda been bad, ha! But then I came up with this doozy: sappy (sad + happy = sappy). And I think sappy fits perfectly. It leads with sadness but ends with happiness. Pretty much how I feel. 

Sad. We are beyond sad to be leaving the NDC family. And I mean it – family. The staff through the years. The core leaders. The congregation. Together we’ve cried so many tears of joy and so many tears of pain. We’ve celebrated so much. I’ve had the opportunity to stand alongside some of you on your best day and some of you on your worst day. What an honor. Together we’ve put blood, sweat, and tears (literally) into growing and strengthening our family. I’m sad to leave my hometown and family (don’t worry – my mom J-Snyd says she’ll be staying at NDC). I love Denver. And our sports teams. Jeeze. 

Happy. Man, I’m happy for the last ten years of ministry at NDC. I’ve learned (and failed) so much. I look up to Norton, Stephen, and Emily in ways I can’t describe. I told them last weekend that I wouldn’t be able to step into this position if not for their wisdom, experience, and discipleship over the years. I’m so happy I got to serve alongside each of you. I’m a better man because of each one of you (that’s not an exaggeration). I’m happy to be transitioning our family to San Antonio to be near Britt’s family. I’m happy for the challenge of a new role, church, culture, city, etc. And lastly, I’m happy for the future of NDC. I know the next several months will be difficult as NDC tries to find a new normal but God is still God and I know he has great things in store for NDC. I’m happy that this hurts so much – it means I’m leaving under good circumstances. And I’m happy that in the near future others will get an opportunity to lead in far greater ways than me! 

So yeah, sappy.

This has not been an easy process for Britt and me. We’ve cried, laughed, and to be honest have even been a bit mad at God over it all. It’s not easy to leave a city and church that you love. But over the last week we’ve felt peace. We feel like this is the right next step for our family.

Know that we are praying for NDC every day and have been for years – that won’t stop anytime soon. And we’d love your prayers as we come to your mind. 


Dan, Britt, Sutton, Sloan, and Baby #3…due late September 🙂

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