Advent 2019, Part 2 - New Denver Church
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Advent 2019, Part 2

Today is the second part of our seven-week series, Advent: Against the Powers of this Dark World. In this sermon, pastor Norton Herbst walks us through the story of Babylon in the book of Revelation and discusses the power of wealth and luxury in our culture.

Discussion Questions for Advent 2019 Pt2 | November 17, 2019 | Click here for a printable version of the discussion questions. 

Key Passage: Revelation 18:1-20; Mark 10:17-27

Discussion Questions

  1. The message provided some historical context for the Book of Revelation. What was a helpful insight for you and why?
  2. Read Revelation 18:1-3. What do you think is meant by the phrase “excessive luxuries”?
  3. How are you personally tempted toward “excessive luxuries”?
  4. Read Revelation 18:4-5. If God doesn’t need our money and he gives us freedom to do with it whatever we want, why do you think he is so concerned about our desire for wealth and luxuries? What is really at stake?
  5. Perhaps you have never thought of the pursuit of wealth and luxury as a dark force in the world. What are ways the allure of stuff keeps us in darkness and from fully following Jesus?
  6. The message offered three challenges: admit our problem, be radical about getting out of debt, and spend 50% less this holiday season. Is there anything keeping you from doing these three things?
  7. What are some long-term practices that could help us resist the allure of buying things we do not need? 

Moving Forward

  • If you have any debt, this week develop a plan for getting out of debt as quickly as you can. If you do not know how to do this effectively, seek help. (Email and we can help you.)
  • Develop a plan for spending 50% less this holiday. Think through your travel, party, spending, and gift purchasing habits and set goals for reducing your purchases. Talk with family members about your goals. 

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