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Holy Week, Good Friday and Easter 2017

Holy Week is the final week of the Christian season of Lent and the week that leads up to Easter Sunday. It is an opportunity to focus in a special way on the events from the last week of Jesus’ life – to remember the significance of his suffering, crucifixion and death and to celebrate his glorious resurrection on Easter. It is a chance to enter into and identify with Jesus’ death and to celebrate the joy of the new life we have through him. At NDC we think this week is a personal journey but also one we take together as a community. So we’ve created the following ways to help you engage with this very special week:

During the Week

Continue with us reading through NT Wright’s Lent for Everyone devotional following Matthew’s account of Jesus’ last week. This is a great way to engage in this important week in a very personal way.

Good Friday

On Friday, April 14 we will have a special service at 7:30pm at NDC for Good Friday. This is a more contemplative service to reflect on Jesus’ suffering and death on the cross. This is always a special and moving opportunity to grapple with the brokenness in ourselves and in the world and to absorb the magnitude of Christ’s sacrifice for us. Kids and students are welcome, but as this is a later service and may not appropriate for some younger children, there is no childcare provided. Also, we created this event on Facebook to make it easier for you to invite friends and family to join us at this service.

Easter Sunday

On Sunday, April 16 we will have two services to celebrate Easter – 9am and 5pm. Our 9am services will include children’s programs for preschool and elementary-age kids, and our 5pm service will be adults only. One of the hallmarks of being a regular part of NDC is our willingness to invite people outside our community to events whenever possible, and as a community we always want to welcome people wherever they are on their spiritual journey and help them to have a great experience. Easter is a great time to invite friends or family who don’t regularly attend church to come with you and share this special day! So we hope you’ll take the step to invite some friends or coworkers to join us.

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