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Committed to Multiplication

When we started NDC seven years ago, our goal wasn’t necessarily to become a big church but to become a multiplying church. In other words, we wanted to be a part of a broader movement of churches here in Denver: to work with other churches and even help new ones get started. That vision has not changed. Earlier this spring, the pastors, staff, and elders resolved to begin pursuing our desire for multiplication more intentionally. We shared this vision with our members at a June meeting and since then, we’ve made a few changes behind the scenes. Most importantly, our Stewardship Team and Elder Board approved the investment of some financial resources and Stephen Redden took ownership of leading this initiative for our church.

As we enter this fall of 2016, several excellent opportunities have arisen. We have begun working toward multiplication in three areas specifically:
  1. Greater collaboration with other Denver churches. We have met with numerous pastors of churches in Denver who have begun exploring and praying about a possible network or cooperative venture together. One recent example of collaboration was the July sermon series in the Psalms that we shared with several other congregations.
  2. Assistance with struggling churches. Earlier this year, a small congregation in University Hills, The Living Church, asked for our help. They have a successful pre-school, but their church has decreased in size and they recently lost their pastor. They would like to find a new pastor and consider how they might better reach their neighborhood, particularly all the families that attend the school. We have agreed to a short-term contract with them to preach on Sundays, help them find a new pastor soon, and consider planting a new church expression.
  3. Raising up leaders to plant new churches. We are hiring a new church planting resident at New Denver Church. We have extended an offer to Daniel DeLeon, and he has accepted pending the completion of his R-1 Visa. Daniel will work at NDC on a part-time basis to move toward planting a new church in Denver in 2017.
As noted before, Stephen Redden is overseeing this mission initiative of NDC. He will be dedicating about 12 hours/week to multiplication while most of his time will continue to be focused on discipleship and pastoral responsibilities here at NDC. We’re excited to put this stake in the ground and move forward as community of faith. This past Sunday on September 4, we discussed this update during our worship services and committed to this venture together by declaring the following words aloud (click the link below to listen to that announcement). If you weren’t there, we hope you’ll join this declaration:
God, we believe you are doing a new work among us. You are not only transforming our lives, but our city and our world. We want to join your work in bringing greater transformation and renewal to our city.
Today, we commit to increased collaboration with other churches in Denver. We also commit to raising up new leaders and churches in Denver so that more may know, receive, and bear witness to the love of Jesus in our city. We give from our time, talent, and treasure to this venture as an investment in your kingdom work. We know that we will face challenges along the way, but we trust in your Spirit, your power, and your sovereign hand. May your kingdom come, your will be done, in Denver as it is in heaven.


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