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Be Rich…Share Your Story!

On Sunday, September 19th we started a new series entitled How to Be Rich. In week one, Stephen explored the foundation for how we think about money and challenged us to consider that we are managers, not owners of all that we have (click here to listen to the message).

As an exercise, everyone who attended this week’s service was given an assignment. Each person was given an envelope containing two things, money and instructions how to use it. The instructions were simple:

  1. This is not your money. This is God’s money, or if you prefer, New Denver Church’s. As in life, everyone was given different amounts – $5’s, $10’s, $20’s, $50’s, and $100’s.
  2. Spend this money as you think God or New Denver Church would want it spent. Be creative. Your only guidance is to “be rich” toward God. You can combine your money with others or add more to it, but the only thing we ask is that you not give it back to New Denver Church. If you just give it back you abdicate the responsibility and defeat the purpose of the exercise.
  3. Give an account for how you spend the money by posting a comment on this post with an explanation of how it was spent.

If you weren’t present but are inspired to participate, please feel free to do so! We won’t provide the money for you to play (see what you miss when you’re not at church!), but feel free to use some of your own. After all, that’s all God’s money too! 😉

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